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Design for startups that apply science to real world.
01 About me

Brand design for growth.

Hi, I'm Ksenia, a freelance Growth Designer working with startups in Biotech and Life Sciences.
Good design explores possibilities and manifests meaning. Rather than merely coming up with a creative idea, I tailor your brand to the audience’s expectations and business needs.
My approach to brand development is holistic, covering every touchpoint from the website to marketing assets, and growth-driven, launching quickly, learning with an open mind, and improving rigorously.
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Although a visual craftsman, I strongly believe that transformation is linguistic. Frame a problem, articulate the goals, and a better design solution will follow.
02 What I do

Align your brand to your audience & business goals.

01 Strategy

We uncover your brand's ambitions, understand your diverse audience groups, analyze the market, identify opportunities, and develop an action plan.

02 Design

Starting with the website design, we quickly build the necessary launch assets to establish an online presence, build an audience, gather data, and test.

03 Continuous improvement

We identify high-impact action items to experiment with and develop further until we meet key metrics and create visually appealing, meaningful brand experiences that support your teams.
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Recent case study

Read how LabTwin went from the first to the leading digital lab assistant.

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03 Challenges

Communicate complexity.

Simplicity doesn't cut it

Science is complex. Communicating it with clarity lies in accuracy, not solely in simplicity. Accuracy is achieved by trying different things to find the right answer.

Different must also be compelling

Novelty is intimidating. In the realm of science, where skepticism is common, effective communication relies on compelling storytelling.
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Everyone seems to have a loud mission

To be perceived as genuine and credible, delivering a consistent brand experience is equally important as articulating goals.
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“When interpretation is unpredictable, it’s a good idea to look at more than one right answer,”
- Peter Wilken, branding expert, author of “Dim Sum Strategy”
04 Methodology

Drive optimal results through experimentation.

01 Launch

Quickly develop the most necessary assets to establish the core foundation and start driving value.

02 Calibrate

Improve the user experience and business performance.
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03 Expand

Based on new learnings and insights, develop assets to support various teams.
05 Some thoughts

People-Friendly Deep Tech

I share growth design strategies for startups in Biotech and Life Sciences. 
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06 Writing

For those bored with generic how-tos and rigid experise.

Slow thinking

I believe the coolest things happen at the intersection of knowledge. I also think that there is too much fast food content that satisfies search engines but lacks depth.
So I’ve created a Substack called Slow Thinking to have a space to dig deeper and reflect on interdisciplinary connections between creative & strategic, business & philosophy, and science & design.

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